Embracing Elizaveta

Knock Em Dead: Canadian Model Elizaveta Bulokhova

Why She Was Chosen: After rounds of chemotherapy and losing her jaw to cancer, she was told that she would be unable to give birth to her child. She has survived cancer and beat the odds to become a mother to her son. She did this photo shoot to embrace her scars and show everyone her surgical art form.



America’s Blurred Lines

Mrs. Venus Says

Mary Edwards from Providence, RI: Have Americans lost the true meaning of the American Dream?

Venus: I don’t think that all of America has lost the true meaning of the American dream, I just think that for some people its just a bit blurry. The American dream is the belief in opportunities and success, to move up in society through hard work. There are still people who live true to that, but for some they kind of don’t know what hard work is.

Rainbow Nation

Mrs. Venus Says: Pilar Peters from Independence, Ohio asks, Do you agree with the nation wide legalization of same sex marriage?

Venus: Yes I do agree with the nation wide legalization of same-sex marriage. Everyone has the right to legalize their partnership with someone for life. It really shouldnt have been an issue to begin with. Everyone deserves that privilege to commit to one another when they are in love.